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Welcome to Multiwest Pave!

Multiwest Pave was established in 1998 by Garth West as a small, single-man operation based in Perth. In nine years of business, Multiwest Pave has grown into a large, respectable and well-equipped company, dedicated to providing high quality and well rounded services to meet the growing needs of customers.

With our head office based in Aveley, Multiwest Pave consists of a group of self-managed branches in various locations around and within the city of Perth, and employs more than 20 staff across these sites. To ensure the consistency of the Multiwest Pave experience, our managers at each branch are personally trained by Garth West. While operations at each branch are self-managed, Garth still oversees their operations, frequently communicating with each branch to maintain standards and performance.

Our equipment is state of the art, and ranges from tip trucks and dingoes to limited access machinery ?in fact, the only way we can think of describing the range of our equipment is to say we are “fully equipped? This allows us to provide exemplary services to all of our clients, and go above and beyond the scope of your average run-of-the-mill paving company.

Unlike other paving companies, Multiwest Pave strives to provide comprehensive services to our clients. Where other companies might require you to find your own excavators, or have someone else prepare your site, Multiwest prides itself on taking up projects in their entirety. We can and will see you through the entire project from start to finish, saving you the hassle of having to arrange for multiple companies and contractors to work on your site ?and the added hassle of having to wait for each company to finish their part in the process before the next one can be called in. We’re pleased to say we are able to take care of all steps involved in brickpaving, landscaping, reticulating and building retaining walls at each and every project we take on.

Here at Multiwest Pave, we are proud of our ability to provide consistent, comprehensive services to our clients. We look forward to maintaining and improving on our excellent services well into the future.

Contact Us

Office: 1300 137 572